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Just Do It

So this whole blog writing thing is new to me. I’ve never been a writer but I really want to write about things people are interested in. Of course I want it to relate to my business and my sewing but it can’t always be all about sewing.

Many things brought me to where I am right now, and the opening of this business as I explained in my previous blog post. I have always always always loved designing. I got that from my Mom, she loved clothing, decorating, redecorating and shopping. All things that I love. Sometimes money dictates how much of that you can do. Of course I could spend all of the money that we work for, have a beautiful home and a rocking wardrobe. That choice would jeopardize our future goals of the home we have always dreamed of, living where we choose, and being able to not worry about money at all. My husband literally worked for every single thing he’s ever had. He’s never had a safety net or the comfort of knowing that if he screws up someone would be there to help him out. If he makes a big purchase he always wants to be able to pay cash so that it’s “bought and paid for” with no chance of a debt that could be taken away. I was always safe in the knowledge growing up that if I made a financial error I would not end up living on the streets thanks to the sacrifices my parents made financially. So that gave me the freedom to take a few more risks and not have to calculate every move with great caution.

So after we were married it took time for us to balance each other out. He has had to try to adjust to me wanting to enjoy what we earn and I have had to try to adjust to sacrificing what I think we deserve, to living with less for more of a future.

I think that being raised the way I was made me into more of a creative thinker by not having to focus so much on the analytical side of things. Being married to someone who likes to literally save every dime and use every last drop of toothpaste in the tube made me have to try to achieve what I love for less. It hasn’t been easy to do that. I always wanted to sew so I could create my own home decor for less. Like changing my curtains and pillow covers to decorate my home and satisfy that love of decor that I have.

So hours have been spent messing up and fixing mistakes, seam ripping and making wonky cushion covers. But finally I can recreate store bought cushion covers and clothing that I actually love wearing. We have quilts that I love to put on our beds and curtains that can actually be hung. Sewing is a way to be able to see a fabric you love and be able to use it in your home without just wishing you could do something with it.

I often hear people say “oh I’ve always wished I could sew like that.” Well guess what.......you can. 6 years ago I couldn’t sew a stitch. Now it’s opened up a door that has not only become an extra income but made decorating more accessible financially.

So if you wish you could sew, my only recommendation, is just do it. Get a little machine, pick out a couple fabrics and make a blanket. Blankets are a great way to start. Sewing two pieces of square fabric together is the easiest thing to do. Cheap machines are a great way to start. Go to eBay, pick out a $50 machine, it will be fantastic for what you need. Read the manual and thread your machine properly. Then purchase one yard of cotton and one yard of minky that you think would coordinate. I just happen to carry all that you need from fabrics to the threads. The next step is to take a couple hours and follow this video that I am going to post a link to in this post and make an adorable blanket. I promise you will be hooked!

Just. Do. It.